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  • POSH View offers interactive, adaptive, and multi-touch technology providing efficient, fluent business solutions. Our attention to detail ensures uncompromising product quality and durability your business can rely on. Our unique and creative applications engage while providing meaningful interaction via detailed HD display.


  • Interactive Walls

    POSH interactive walls take creating an impact to a whole new level for businesses, presentations, advertisers, and entertainers. While visually impactful, displaying full HD quality imagery integrated with anonymous facial recognition, motion, touch, music, RFID or other customized applications, the true power of the wall comes from its ability to seamlessly integrate, report, and engage viewers. POSH Interactive Walls challenge ordinary presentations by adding interaction that can be triggered by presenters, guests, customers, VIP’s or a unique means by which businesses can engage viewers like never before. Our custom software applications provide completely flush glass wall displays that can adapt according to who or how they are being interacted with. Advertisements that are run on our walls can be customized to quickly adjust according to interactive key points allowing the customer to interact, influence, and drive the information being delivered to them. POSH removes the limits placed by traditional digital media and empowers your business like never before, allowing it to interact, engage, and seamlessly transfer any information to a mobile device.

  • POSH Interactive Screens

    There’s no question that digital media creates an impact by visually attracting and captivating customers. POSH View’s interactive software now empowers businesses to take that visual impact to the next level, creating mutually beneficial engagement through interaction. Instead of talking at customers, clients and audiences, we provide the power of being able to engage and interact with them. Through POSH View’s interactive multi-touch platforms customers can immediately have access to crucial inventory data, statistical information, and product or service value proposition points just to name a few. This interactive platform integrates with your inventory management, your point of sale systems, and your customer management systems. The power to increase loyalty programs, onsite experience, and real time information sharing to smart devices alone is sure to engage customers like never before. POSH View’s full HD interactive screens provide a unique means for businesses to drive engagement while providing visual appeal, promoting interaction as a means of information gathering and sharing with an end goal of increasing sales, conversions, and providing valuable information for businesses about their clients. POSH custom software applications provide completely intuitive interactions, empowering customers to drive the process and providing real time information to all sales staff at the touch of an icon. Increasing your use of digital media with screens that adjust to clients, report based on demographics, and interact when engaged with not only increases the experience at the customer level, but ensures the sales process is followed with every customer. POSH delivers custom onsite experience that redefines engagement.

  • POSH Mobile Podiums

    POSH delivers on technology that many have only seen in movies but that most people have never had the opportunity to actually use, touch, and play with. POSH View mobile multi-touch podiums provide businesses with the ability to showcase their products and services where needed at an entirely new level that is interactive. POSH podiums come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match your business specific software needs. Specializing in anonymous facial recognition, location heat mapping, multi-touch devices, gesture interaction devices, augmented reality, RFID, NFC, and mobile information transfer, POSH View solutions engage while providing meaningful interaction.

  • POSH iMirror

    The POSH iMirror is a self contained, fully customizable, multi-touch interactive mirror. Coming in a variety of sizes (including custom), the POSH iMirror is a product that truly stands apart from other interactive devices. Once purchased, users will have the ability to customize the face of the product including a variety of skins, color schemes, and layouts. With the right look in place, this wireless device can be synced to any network and multiple iMirror Apps can be applied. Imagine getting ready in the morning as your iMirror transforms itself by checking your email, schedule, and route to work. These are just a couple of the many features the POSH iMirror can provide.

  • POSH iMirror Concierge

    The POSH iMirror is perfect for collecting, selling, and delivering information to clients and customers everywhere. It will allow you to watch videos and see all the details on a show or event and purchase tickets to events right from your hotel room, without waiting at the concierge desk or trusting other people’s opinions on what is best. The POSH Mirror will allow you to engage your customers by promoting products and educating them every step of the way on why they made the best choice coming to you for service. It is able to help you sort through your clothing, allowing you to virtually try on products and not waste your time in the change room. The POSH iMirror provides fully customizable solutions and features, with additional Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, and wireless. The POSH iMirror sets the standard for the future with its sleek design and user friendly interface.

  • POSH Targeted Audio

    To date, engaging clients and customers with sound hasn’t truly been an option in many businesses as it’s uncontrollable, hard to manage the volume of, and can be very disturbing to others. Utilizing a direct laser sound system, POSH completely changes the viability of sound in businesses. We give you the power of being able to speak directly to customers without disturbing the people around them. With this direct sound system, POSH has been able to create all new engagement strategies for businesses by having the environment not only visually stimulate and engage people; but having your environment talk specifically to people. Our integrated platform allows businesses to channel sound and direct it at a specific person or location without interrupting the environment around them. POSH direct sound encourages interaction and provides businesses with an entirely new way of engaging customers on site.

  • POSH Product Tray

    The POSH product tray seamlessly displays the information of any desired product placed near or on it. This seamless interaction is similar to a virtual catalogue, as you simply place an item on the tray and all the target specific information sales staff or customers could want is immediately populated. These products make loyalty programs, onsite mobile data transfers, and purchase information readily available at all times. As many businesses market themselves as a resource, POSH has customized a product comparison feature which enables customers to place two or more items on the tray and view comparable information. Once the items are placed on the tray, specifications of both products appear side by side allowing for ease of comparison and simplifying the buying process. The POSH tray has shown to increase on site sales, aid in the conversion and comparison of products, and assist in the sales process. This seamless process can be integrated directly with your existing point of sale and inventory management system, providing a true measure of your customer experience on site.

  • POSH Glass Displays

    Working hand in hand with partners from around the globe, POSH View has the ability to turn any piece of glass into an interactive, informative, multi-touch display. Imagine the exterior of your retail outlet being able to take appointments, track emails, and allow your customers to sort through your products even when you’re closed. These multi-touch platforms allow customers to interact and define search parameters, create custom information sessions, gain information on which products or services are available, and experience your business values through videos and images. This technology application is sure to impress your customers, inform your business of the traffic levels through an anonymous facial recognition application, and ultimately create a new revenue stream through vendor plans.

  • Interactive Collaborative Tables

    POSH View interactive software specialists transform items such as workstations, reception areas, desks, conference rooms, and boardroom tables into full multi-touch interactive surfaces. POSH View interactive platforms empower businesses to collaborate like never before, seamlessly transferring information from workstations to mobile platforms, all while tracking and reporting back to all parties involved. POSH collaborative surfaces can be customized to match individual needs, matching required security features and interconnecting to internal hardware. POSH software engineers have the ability to ensure your interactive software is as complex or as simple as you need it to be. POSH interactive tables have the capability to connect all your devices and allow for information to be saved and transferred with one swipe. This allows you to work on a document and simply swipe it to your mobile or share it, and the information seamlessly, in real time, transfers as required. Our systems increase productivity and efficiency, bringing key communication and business tools to your fingertips.

  • POSH View Interactive Environments

    If your business is developing solutions for high profile companies, it means showcasing your unique value every chance you get. POSH interactive environments allow high profile clients, investors, or even potential leads to be recognized virtually by your business as they enter, with a custom greeting or set series of introductory events taking place that allow your business to engage and impress before you even engage them. POSH View customizable platforms empowers business not only to visually impress, but to engage people on a whole new level. Our automatic and interactive environments can be set to transform based on weather, time of day, individuals, customers, clients, and advertisements to name a few. POSH creates environments that reach out and engage customers, allowing for interaction and the transfer of information to mobile devices seamlessly, increasing your ability to engage and impress.

  • POSH Point Of Sale (POS) Systems

    POSH point of sale systems are built on a user friendly platform engineered to ensure the retail process is intuitive and easy to use. The POSH web based platform allows for convenience through remote access, giving businesses the accessibility to track sales and inventory from anywhere. We take into account that growth is part of your business by including options for additions of locations to sync to the central database system. This makes inventory transfer and client relationship management a seamless integration to the central system, relieving one of the most time consuming and frustrating aspects of growth.

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